For the freshest catch in Dubai

Follow your smelling to Dubai’s largest and  engaged fish market, near the Al Shindagha Tunnel. Shrimp (prawns) the size of bananas, metre-long and mountains of blue crabs are among the treasures of the sea being hawked at this market since 1988. Come  other early in the morning or in the evening, and wear sneakers or other waterproof shoes. If you’re purchase, ask to have the fish threshed. More info here contact us

The smell may be a bit much at first but you’ll get used to it after a while and it’s  grand to watch, not just the wiggling vendible, but the wild haggling between the blue-suited fishmongers and their customers. The adjoining fruit and  vegetable market isn’t nearly as exciting but great for stocking up on anything fresh from pears to  pawpaw, all neatly  heap and bargain-priced. Date lovers have a whole row of stands to peruse.







A lot of the seafood attainable at the Deira Fish Market is difficult to come by elsewhere in the city, which is why you’ll find many of Dubai’s chefs here in the dawn. The traders are chatty and always ready to hustle, with typical bargain basement-style shout-outs of the various types of fish and “best price” claims. The smartest way to navigate your way around the bazaar is with a few key Arabic phrases in your back pocket. Politely refuse a sale with the phrase. ( thank you” in Arabic) until you find something suitable, and if purchasing, bargain your price down – it’s part of the expertise. Hustlers also walk almost offering help, but it is best to avoid them, opting for a certified Dubai Municipality laborer (identifiable by their uniforms) instead

There is a large vegetable, meat and spice souk adjoining to the fish market, so for those purchases for their kitchens this is a one-stop shop. There’s also a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, Grill and Shark, right subsequent door, where customers have their seafood cooked on the spot. Plans are also afoot to construct a brand new fish bazaar to replace the existing one, in a traditional architectural style but with enhanced facilities for tourists.


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